bhi noise cancelling products remove noise & interference... you can hear clearly and listen stress free!

bhi have been removing interference from noisy radio channels for over 20 years.
Giving you a “noise free” listening experience

Get the best out of your radio! Don’t put up with noise and interference any longer!

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bhi ParaPro EQ20 Audio DSP units with parametric equalisation

These units are useful if you don't have a noise problem but want to improve and enhance your receive audio to suit your own hearing.

Precise audio adjustment to suit your own hearing!

Hear the difference

Don't just take our word for it, hear and see it in action and read testimonials from happy customers.

Speech and Diesel Engine

20m SSB

CAT scanner treatment room

Dual In-Line 14MHz band filter level 4

Dual In-Line 14MHz band filter level 2

Radio Interference

Interference from Plasma TV

In Car Noise Reduction

In Car Recording at 70mph