Low level Audio DSP Install Guides

Third party DSP install guides for fitting bhi's NEDSP1901-PCB, NEDSP1901-PCB and NEDSP1901-KBD low level audio DSP noise cancelling pcb modules into various radios, receivers.

Note:  These installs have been done by radio enthusiasts. The fitting of the bhi module involves the removal of small surface mount components and the drilling out of the receiver/transceivers’ case. This should only be carried out by a qualified engineer or someone with the appropriate skills. bhi accepts no responsibility for the fitting or installation of the module and are not liable for any damage to equipment caused by the installation. Fitting this module may invalidate your warranty. The bhi noise cancelling DSP modules are fully tested and inspected prior to shipping. Do not attempt to use a soldering iron to touch up any of the pads on the printed circuit board. If you have any questions regarding the module please contact us.