Not currently available see DESKTOP MKII or NES10-2MK4
Not currently available see DESKTOP MKII or NES10-2MK4

Our noise cancelling products for amateur radio enthusiasts

ParaPro EQ20-DSP noise cancelling unit with 20W audio and parametric equalisation

The ParaPro EQ20-DSP is an invaluable tool for ham radio operators. Its high-powered 20W dual channel amplifier provides plenty of clean audio for base station speakers, while the parametric equaliser lets you customise the audio to match your hearing and room acoustics. This level of customisable sound shaping isn't found in regular radios. But what makes the ParaPro EQ20-DSP truly special for hams is its adaptive DSP noise reduction technology. The advanced digital filtering can wipe out up to 40dB of ambient background noise and interference that typically interferes with transmissions. It automatically cleans up signals in real-time for noticeably clearer conversations.

NES10-2 MK4 5W DSP noise cancelling speaker

The NES10-2 MK4 packs pro-level voice clarifying power into a compact, portable unit perfect for hams. Its bhi DSP  noise cancelling algorithm removes hiss, static, and other noise to enable clearer mobile and base communications. An ample 5 watt amplifier boosts volume when you need it without distortion. Convenient features like headphone monitoring, tone reduction up to 65dB, and 8 levels of adjustable noise cancellation from 8 to 40dB give exceptional flexibility. Quickly clean up signals and customise your audio experience whether participating outdoors, in your vehicle, or at home. For hassle-free much improved conversations, it's a must-have modern ham radio upgrade.

In-Line Module

The bhi In-Line Module offers straightforward inline connectivity and inserts advanced bhi DSP filtering into any existing radio setup, from handhelds to base stations. Its processed, cleaned-up audio significantly reduces ear fatigue and miscommunications without setup complexity or external boxes. Just wire it between your radio and speakers, adding 12V DC power, to start reducing noise immediately while still preserving voice quality. Automatic input level control and adjustable output levels plus superior noise cancellation allow tuning it perfectly for your rig. Hams can easily enhance old and new gear alike for interference-free chatting.

Tips for selecting the right noise reduction products

With advanced noise elimination technology, clear amateur radio calls are finally possible even in extreme noise environments. But with various products available, how do you choose what’s right for your specific radio and needs?

The type of setup you have should guide your selection. For example, if you primarily use an extension speaker and/or headphones connected to your radio then one of our In-Line modules would be more suitable.

If you just listen to the radio via its own internal speaker then one of our standalone amplified DSP noise cancelling speakers would work well.

Also consider your audio setup. The ParaPro EQ20-DSP stands out for amateur radio enthusiasts needing amplification to drive larger speakers or headphones while sculpting tones to match hearing loss profiles. Its high power handling equips it for big rooms. For field or mobile setups using handheld transceivers, compact inline devices shine.

Determining the root of your noise woes and matching that with the right product features ensures the best fit. And don’t hesitate to discuss your radio activities with us to dial in the perfect noise-free solution. 

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With our extensive product range, browse noise cancellation products to suit your ham radio setup. Whether you're your just listening or transmitting from your shack, car, a public event, or out in nature. Our products ensure you and other hobbyists can maintain pleasant conversations without straining to hear. Eliminate frustration and experience the difference that clear, interference free audio can make.