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Replacement NEIS-SPKR remote intercom speaker unit for use with bhi NEIS-RM25 noise cancelling intercom system.
Replacement NEIS-SPKR remote intercom speaker unit for use with bhi NEIS-RM25 noise cancelling intercom system.

Key benefits of noise cancelling intercom systems

Clear communication is critical in healthcare environments, yet background noise can often interfere with this. 

bhi Noise cancelling intercom systems actively reduce distracting ambient noise using digital signal processing. By analysing incoming audio and identifying the speech we can filter out the unwanted noise, making the speech more intelligible and easier to understand.

There are a number of benefits to improving speech in noisy medical environments. These include:

Reduced stress on the patient

In daunting settings such as when radiotherapy machines and CT scanners are in use, clear two-way conversation is extremely important. These enclosed spaces can leave patients feeling stressed and anxious. Having a clear voice on the other end to talk to them, explain instructions and reassure them helps to calm their nerves.

Instructions are able to be clearly communicated

With enhanced intelligibility, staff no longer have to strain to make out what is being said. Conversations flow more smoothly, without the need for repetition or raised voices. Instructions during procedures can be followed first time without the risk of miscommunication or errors.

Efficiencies are improved

Noise cancelling intercoms enable clear two-way communication. This helps to improve efficiency when treating patients, allowing for a smoother, less stressful appointment.

Reduced listener fatigue

The constant need to focus and decipher speech in noisy environments leads to significant listener fatigue for hospital staff over the course of a long shift. This mental strain can impede concentration, increase irritability, and ultimately jeopardise patient safety. bhi Noise cancelling intercoms identify speech and actively filter out the annoying ambient sounds that create this tiring 'cocktail party effect'. By delivering clearer, quieter audio, they allow staff to communicate with less effort. Rather than excessive concentration, conversations flow naturally and instructions are immediately understood. The result is greatly reduced fatigue and a calmer, more focused working environment. Staff stay energised and engaged, even during the most demanding shifts in busy, noisy wards.

Ideal environments

Medical imaging departments such as radiotherapy and CT scanning rely on clear communication between healthcare professionals, especially during procedures. However, the noise from these machines can make this difficult.

Radiotherapy machines produce noise levels exceeding 60dB and CT scanners can generate up to 80dB of noise during operation, caused by the rotating gantry and fan cooling systems they incorporate.

Installing noise cancelling intercoms in radiotherapy and CT scan rooms allows staff to converse clearly despite the unwanted background noise and interference. Leading noise cancelling products like the bhi noise eliminating intercom system (NEIS-RM25) are compatible with major radiotherapy equipment brands and CT scanners.

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The bhi NEIS-RM25 leverages cutting-edge Digital Signal Processing (DSP) to facilitate intelligible speech in these noisy environments. Proprietary algorithms analyse incoming *audio to identify speech signals and filter out interfering background noise in real-time. This reduces distracting machine and ambient sounds by up to 98%, leaving only the clear voice signal.

With robust desktop stations and sleek speaker units, bhi intercoms integrate seamlessly into any medical workspace. The modular design allows flexible positioning of microphones near patients. Simple CAT5 cabling enables rapid installation in imaging suites or radiation bunkers without too much disruption.

The NEIS-RM25 epitomises reliable, intelligent technology designed around healthcare's most vital need – being heard and understood.

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NEDSP1901 Low level Audio Modules

The NEDSP1901 noise suppression modules from bhi are an ideal solution for improving speech clarity in medical intercom equipment and other communication products used in noisy clinical environments.

The NEDSP1901 provides exceptional noise reduction of up to 40dB across the key 300Hz to 5KHz speech bandwidth. This allows voices to cut through loud machinery rumble, patient monitoring beeps, and other interfering hospital sounds.

With its low power draw and compact profile, the NEDSP1901 seamlessly integrates into space-constrained medical equipment in either the receive audio path or microphone path. Flexible control options allow developers to optimise noise cancellation while minimising power usage.

By actively eliminating unwanted noise and interference at the signal level, the NEDSP1901 delivers the crisp, intelligible two-way communication essential for patient care and safety. 

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Current hospitals using the bhi products


Our bhi noise cancelling intercoms are currently used in hospitals across the world and we have sold over 1000 systems since 2010. Hospitals with our products include:

  • The Cromwell Hospital London
  • Lancashire Teaching Hospital
  • Royal Sussex County Hospital
  • Nottingham University Hospitals
  • Vantage Oncology USA
  • Mercy Hospitals USA
  • Saskatchewan Cancer Agency Canada

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