Noise Cancellation Products

ParaPro EQ20 Audio DSP Range with Parametric Equalisation

  • ParaPro EQ20-DSP

    Price: £339.95 (£283.29 net)

    Introducing the bhi ParaPro EQ20-DSP, a compact 20W audio enhancer with parametric equalisation and bhi's DSP noise cancelling. Ideal for those with hearing loss, it allows precise tuning of audio frequencies to suit individual preferences. The unit features a 10W per channel audio amplifier, utilizing powerful DSP noise cancelling technology for clear speech even in challenging conditions. Connect mono or stereo inputs, and choose outputs for passive speakers. Housed in a compact ABS case, it includes user-friendly controls and benefits from parametric equalisation's flexibility for personalized audio. This audio solution is a versatile and efficient addition to your setup.


  • ParaPro EQ20

    Price: £229.96 (£191.63 net)

    Enhance your audio experience with the ParaPro EQ20, a 20W audio unit featuring parametric equalisation. Tailor your audio to perfection, addressing the needs of those with hearing loss. Connect mono or stereo inputs effortlessly, and choose output options for passive speakers. The EQ20, housed in a compact ABS case, ensures easy control with Power/Volume and parametric equaliser adjustments. Benefit from the precision of parametric equalisation, offering flexibility and accuracy. Ideal for use with bhi DSP noise cancelling units, the EQ20 provides 10W audio per channel, Class-D type amplifier, and user-friendly features, greatly benefiting individuals with hearing loss.

  • ParaPro EQ20B

    Price: £249.95 (£208.29 net)

    Introducing the bhi ParaPro EQ20B, a compact audio enhancer with 20W power, Bluetooth, and parametric equalisation, catering to users with hearing loss. This device allows precise customisation of received audio, accommodating mono or stereo inputs. Its Class-D amplifier ensures power efficiency, while Bluetooth connectivity transforms it into a wireless speaker. Ideal for use with various bhi DSP noise-cancelling units, the EQ20B enhances clarity. With parametric equalisation, versatile connectivity, and user-friendly controls, it delivers an optimal audio experience in a compact design. Embrace personalised sound with the ParaPro EQ20B, redefining clarity for diverse audio sources.

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  • ParaPro EQ20B-DSP

    Price: £399.95 (£333.29 net)

    Introducing the ParaPro EQ20B-DSP, a compact 20W audio enhancer with parametric equalisation and Bluetooth input. Tailor your audio with precision using parametric equalisation to suit personal hearing preferences. This device features a 10W per channel audio amplifier, dual-channel DSP noise cancelling (9 to 40dB), and Bluetooth connectivity, ensuring an optimal and adaptable listening experience. Connect mono or stereo inputs, and choose output options for passive speakers. The EQ20B-DSP's user-friendly controls, compact design, and advanced features make it an efficient solution for individuals with hearing loss.

    DSP Noise Cancelling In-line Modules

    Noise Cancellation Products

    • In-Line Module

      Price: £169.96 (£141.63 net)
      In-line Module - 5W Amplified DSP noise cancelling in-line module
    • Compact In-Line

      Price: £189.95 (£158.29 net)
      Compact In-Line DSP noise cancelling module
    • Dual In-Line

      Price: £189.95 (£158.29 net)
      Dual In-line amplified DSP noise cancelling in-line module.

      DSP Noise Cancelling Speakers

      • NES10-2 MK4

        Price: £139.96 (£116.63 net)
        NES10-2 MK4 5W amplified DSP Noise Eliminating Speaker

        Price: £239.95 (£199.96 net)
        DESKTOP MKII 10 watt amplified DSP noise cancelling base station speaker

        PCB Modules - Amplified Audio

        • NEDSP1962-KBD

          Price: £139.96 (£116.63 net)
          New NEDSP1962-KBD amplified DSP noise cancelling loudspeaker retrofit module - Give you extension speaker a boost!
        • NEDSP1962-PCB

          Price: £129.95 (£108.29 net)
          New NEDSP1962-PCB amplified DSP noise cancelling retrofit pcb module

          PCB Modules - Low Level Audio

          • NEDSP1901-KBD

            Price: £129.95 (£108.29 net)

            NEDSP1901-KBD pre-wired low level audio DSP noise cancelling module - Retrofits into many transceivers and radio receivers

          • NEDSP1901-PCB

            Price: £119.95 (£99.96 net)

            The NEDSP1901-PCB audio DSP noise cancelling module removes unwanted noise and interference from noisy speech signals giving you clear intelligible speech.

          • NEDSP900

            Price: £109.96 (£91.63 net)
            he New NEDSP900 is a low power dual channel DSP Noise Suppression pcb module capable of handling a wide range of audio inputs from mic level up to line level, providing up to 40dB of noise