ATT2 Attenuator Pad

Price: £29.94 (£24.95 net)
ATT2 high level to low level audio converter is used to convert high level audio signals to low level audio.

Makes it easier to control the audio input on your bhi ParaPro EQ20 audio DSP unit

The bhi ATT2 attenuator pad is used to convert the high level audio signals you typically get from amateur radio transceivers and receivers to low level, making the audio equipment easier to use.  The ATT2 was mainly designed for use with the bhi ParaPro EQ20 range of parametric audio DSP units, but can also be used with other audio equipment provided the parameters of the equipment are within the specification of the ATT2.  The ATT2 is a passive device and effectively enables a wider range of AF/volume adjustment to be used before the overload LED on the bhi ParPro EQ20 unit comes on, making it less sensitive and easier to use.  The ATT2 accepts mono or stereo speaker level signals up to 1 Watt (2.828 Volts p-p into an 8 Ohm Speaker) and will attenuate the audio down to line level at around 1 Volt (line level at 10k). 

 Pad pic sml Pad pic larger

Pictures above show the extra adjustment you get from the volume/AF control of your radio when using the ATT2 with your ParaProEQ20 DSP audio unit, making it easier to use.


The ATT2 unit simply fits between the extension speaker socket of your radio (high level audio source) and your bhi ParaPro EQ20/EQ20-DSP unit or audio equipment.

Note: Use the audio isolated LLC1 if you encounter any stray RF or earth loop issues.


  • Converts high level audio signals to low level audio
  • Accepts mono or stereo speaker level signals
  • Input Impedance: 11 Ohms
  • Output Impedance: 10 k Ohm
  • Maximum Input Power: 2 Watts
  • Output level: Line level 1 Volt P-P into 10 k Ohm
  • Use with your bhi ParaPro EQ20 DSP unit