DL-STD1Perspex Stand

Price: £9.95 (£8.29 net)
Quality acrylic mounting stand for the bhi Dual In Line, Compact In-Line and NEIM1031MKII in-line modules

DL-STD1 Dual In Line/Compact In-Line perspex mounting stand

The bhi DL-STD1 Dual In-Line mounting stand is made from quality high-impact clear acrylic and is ideal for mounting the Dual In-Line noise cancelling In-line Module. The module simply sits horizontally in the stand allowing you to see and operate all the controls more easily. The audio
and power cables can be routed from the top and to the rear for a neat installation. The headphone socket on the Dual In-Line is easily accessible from the side of the unit. The stand comes boxed with velcro for fixing the unit more securely to the stand.