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NEDSP1061-KBD - Icom IC-736/738 Install

Price: £129.95 (£108.29 net)
NEDSP1061-KBD discontinued.  Direct replacement available now NEDSP1901-KBD.

NEDSP1061-KBD discontinued.  Direct replacement available now NEDSP1901-KBD.  You can have the unique bhi DSP Icom IC-736/738. Now you can have the bhi noise cancellation technology in your Icom IC-736 and IC-738. (Install information courtesy of Markku Tanninen OH3FP)

These instructions will explain how install BHI NEDSP1061-KBD module to Icom IC-736 / 738 tranceiver:

  • Remove both upside and bottom cover.
  • Turn radio upside down so that bottom side is up and front panel is toward to you.
  • Detach four coaxial cable, two coming PLL unit and two is near backpanel.
  • Detach white ribbon cable coming from front panel.
  • Unscrew all main unit screws ( 8 pcs ) and one what hold regulator near front panel.
  • Locate C217 which is placed between notch board and larger metal shield.
  • Pull main unit from chassiss and turn solder side up so that you can remoce C217.
  • Find thin audio cable ie. PC CD ROM audio cable and solder it point wher C217 was.
  • Round point on C217 marks audio from preamp ( audio to DSP module).
  • Reassembly main unit. Screws and cables.
  • Solder red wire to regulator (which is near front panel) right side leg. That is +8VDC to DSP module.
  • Now, turn radio “right” side.
  • Find appropriate place where install DSP main unit.
  • Because original cables is actually too short, you have to remove those audio and supply wires longer. Use desolder sucking wick or other and remove audio and supply wires from DSP module.
  • Check where you install DSP module and cut those wires proper lenght.
  • Solder wires to DSP module and check that audio wires is correct way.
  • Original supply wire has protect diode but if you are sure that you connect plus wire right it can be removed.
  • Install ground connections where is best place.
  • Check that all is ok and connect power supply and antenna to the radio.
  • Now you can refer BHI NEDSP1061 manual to set proper audio levels.
  • When all set you can now test how it works and if it works thats fine.
  • Remove radio connections and find place where install DSP unit and check if you have to put longer wires to the keyboard/LED board. (I have to make so).
  • Measure upper cover where you can install keyboard/LED unit. Dont forget radio signal meter place on inside. Few mm. From s-meter is plenty place to attach this unit.
  • Next, measure from front panel how far it keyboard unit can placed. It might be 14-15mm on upper cover front side. Then measure keyboard and LED hole and drill approriate holes.

I glue keyboard/LED unit to upper cover a hot glue. This DSP module can install any radio if you have schematic diagram and can find right place in radio. I no take any liability for this modification. You take you own risk. And if your radio have guarantee, any modification or so. Cancel guarantees. If you don't know what you are doing, don't do any.

Icom 736 - 738 install guide by Markku tanninen OH3FP - pdf Icom 736 - 738 install guide

If any questions about installation, i will answer for them via 

Markku tanninen OH3FP

Download NEDSP1061-KBD Installation Guide - pdfPAGE ORDER2.01 MB

Download NEDSP1061-KBD Installation Guide - pdfBooklet1.97 MB