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NEDSP1901-KBD pre-wired low level audio DSP noise cancelling module - Retrofits into many transceivers and radio receivers


The NEDSP1901-KBD is a low level audio DSP noise cancelling module that can be retro fitted inside many transceivers and readio receivers.  It is a direct replacement for the popular discontinued NEDSP1061-KBD module. This pre-wired DSP noise cancelling module incorporates the latest bhi DSP noise cancelling technology and provides up to 40dB of noise cancellation to greatly improve noisy speech signals. The module is controlled by a single pushbutton with LED and audible indication for ease of use. It is supplied as pre-wired retrofit style module and can be integrated directly into the low level audio path of your receiver, transceiver or audio system, giving you excellent DSP noise cancellation and greatly improved speech quality. The module features DSP on/off and up to 8 levels of DSP filtering via a small pushbutton interface board. The module is supplied with a fitting kit and general installation instructions plus specific fitting guides for the Yaesu FT-817/FT818 (same as FT-817 info), Kenwood TS-50 and Icom 706 MK II G. 

Other radio install instructions are available in the "Amateur Radio Installs" section for the Yaesu FT-847, FT-857, FT-897, FRG100, Yaesu, Icom 705 bhi NEDSP1901-KBD install, Icom 736/738, Icom 765, Icom IC-725, Icom IC705, Realistic DX-394, Alinco DX-77, Alinco DX-SR8T, Kenwood TS-430, Kenwood TS-440, Kenwood TS-850, Collins KWM-2, Eton E1XM. Other radios may also greatly benefit from this module.  Contact us for more information.

Icom IC705 Install bu Guy Atkins KE7MAV -

For commercial HF radio applications the basic NEDSP1901-PCB module is probably more suitable.

Installation information: Just four wires are used to connect the module into the audio circuit of your radio/receiver: Audio In, Audio out, 0V and Power. All that's left to do is drill holes to accommodate the switch assembly and label. Fitting kit supplied.

Yaesu FT-817/818 Note:  Unlike the previous NEDP1061-KBD DSP nosie cancelling module, this new direct replacement will only fit in the front position of the Yaesu FT-817/818.  If you have extra filters installed in your FT-817/818 then you cannot fit the NEDSP1901-KBD module inside your radio.  In this case might consider the new compact NES10-2MK4 DSP noise cancelling speaker.

For commercial HF radio applications the basic NEDSP1901-PCB module is probably more suitable.


  • Fully adaptive to changing noise environments
  • High-performance audio processing
  • Virtually no distortion to speech signal
  • 8 to 40dB of noise cancellation - Up to 65dB of tone reduction
  • 8 filter levels
  • LED indication of DSP level and status
  • Small size 28 mm x 37mm x 9mm
  • onboard Input and output level controls
  • Single button operation