Revolutionising Audio Clarity: Exploring the bhi ParaPro EQ20-DSP Noise Cancelling Products

In the ever-evolving landscape of audio technology, bhi offers cutting-edge DSP noise-cancelling products designed to enhance the auditory experience. Among our impressive lineup, the ParaPro EQ20-DSP Noise Cancelling Product with parametric equalisation and dual channel DSP noise cancelling offers precision and a commitment to addressing the needs of users, especially those with hearing loss.

Learn more about our ParaPro EQ20-DSP range and how it can benefit your audio. Like what you see? Shop online today and shape your audio to suit your own hearing.

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Understanding the ParaPro EQ20-DSP Series

At the heart of the ParaPro EQ20-DSP series lies a sophisticated audio unit that seamlessly integrates parametric equalisation with powerful DSP noise-cancelling technology. With 20 watts of audio power, these units offer a significant boost in audio clarity, making them ideal for individuals seeking an optimal listening experience.

Parametric Equalisation: Precision Tailoring for Individual Needs

One standout feature of the EQ20-DSP series is its parametric equalisation capabilities. Unlike traditional tone control or preset EQ settings, the parametric equaliser allows users to select precise frequencies for adjustment. This level of customisation proves invaluable, particularly for individuals with hearing loss.

The EQ20-DSP provides two parametric equaliser channels labelled Bass and Treble. Users can fine-tune the sound by adjusting the centre frequency from 100Hz to 10kHz. The ±10dB attenuation adjustment in these bands ensures a tailored audio experience that caters to individual preferences.

DSP Noise Cancelling: Unravelling the Technology

bhi's DSP noise-cancelling technology is the star of the show, setting the EQ20-DSP series apart from conventional audio solutions. The unit's 10W per channel audio amplifier, combined with parametric equalisation and dual channel DSP noise cancelling technology, creates a powerful audio processing system.

The DSP noise cancelling algorithm distinguishes speech from background noise across the entire audio bandwidth. The result is clear, intelligible speech even in challenging environments, offering users the opportunity to shape the audio to suit their hearing.

Versatility Redefined: Inputs, Outputs, and Connectivity

The EQ20-DSP series boasts versatility in its connectivity options. Users can connect one or two mono inputs to the CH1 and CH2 input sockets or a single stereo signal via the 3.5mm stereo input socket. Whether you're using it with a radio transceiver, SDR radio, shortwave receiver, or an MP3 player, the EQ20-DSP adapts to your audio source.

The choice of outputs and connections adds to its flexibility. Connect one or two passive speakers to the left and right speaker outputs using 4mm banana plugs or RCA phono to 3.5mm mono adapters. The "Source Select" button on the front panel allows easy switching between audio sources.

User-Friendly Controls and Testimonials

Navigating the EQ20-DSP is a breeze with its easy-to-use controls housed in a compact ABS case. The front panel features controls for Power/Volume, parametric equaliser channels for Bass and Treble, and a bhi noise filter control for adjusting noise cancellation levels up to 40dB.

User testimonials speak volumes about the product's impact on audio clarity:

"The EQ20B-DSP is first class and really does improve the audio and noise cancelling signals can be fine tuned. I am now hearing all calls much clearer. Heavy accents are no longer a problem" - Peter Joyner M0WPJ

"Using the new EQ20-DSP noise cancelling and parametric equaliser for a few days I have found this to be an excellent purchase. I am now able to receive stations down in my local noise level which was not possible before due to high solar panel and other local electronic noise. Using the fixed line level output from my ICOM IC7600 and IC9100 transceivers thus bypassing the internal audio stages gives the best results.( 4.7K 300mV rms )this source is just below the clipping level, the audio having little or no distortion with a frequency range to suit me. Many thanks to Kellie and Graham for the very fast and efficient service." - David G2FT ex G3MWV.

The Full bhi ParaPro EQ20 Product Range

ParaPro EQ20


The ParaPro EQ20 is an innovative audio unit that allows you to customise and fine-tune your listening experience. It features parametric equalisation, giving you precise control over the audio frequency response. You can boost or cut specific frequencies from 100Hz to 10kHz across two adjustable bands, allowing you to compensate for hearing deficiencies or tune the sound to your preferences. If you don’t need DSP nosie cancelling but want to boost and enhance your audio then this is the product for you.

This unit is very versatile - it accepts mono or stereo inputs from devices like radio transceivers, SDR radios, short wave radios and more. You can connect passive speakers directly to the EQ20 or use it inline with other audio gear like our own DSP noise-cancelling units. Easy-to-use controls like volume, bass, and treble adjustments make dialling in your preferred sound a breeze. With its compact design, parametric EQ capabilities, and compatibility with a wide range of audio sources, the ParaPro EQ20 is the perfect tool for customising your listening experience.

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ParaPro EQ20B

eq20 dsp 6

The ParaPro EQ20B offers the same features as the EQ20 but has the added benefit of built-in Bluetooth on the input to stream audio wirelessly from Bluetooth-enabled devices.

ParaPro EQ20B gives you complete control over your listening experience. Simple bass, treble, and volume adjustments make it easy to dial in your preferred sound profile. The compact unit delivers 10W per channel to drive passive speakers connected to the speaker outputs. It's also compatible with bhi's noise-cancelling units for enhanced clarity. The parametric EQ capabilities paired with Bluetooth connectivity make the ParaPro EQ20B a versatile tool for hearing-impaired listeners and audio enthusiasts alike. Tune your audio to suit your ears and connect wirelessly to audio sources for greater listening flexibility.

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ParaPro EQ20B-DSP


The ParaPro EQ20B-DSP takes customisable audio to the next level with parametric EQ, Bluetooth, and bhi's advanced DSP noise reduction technology. Adjust bass and treble frequencies from 100Hz to 10kHz over two parametric bands to compensate for hearing loss or tune the sound profile. Built-in Bluetooth allows wireless streaming from mobile devices to the unit's stereo inputs. bhi's dual-channel DSP actively reduces background noise from 9 to 40dB for enhanced clarity.

This versatile unit packs premium features into a compact chassis. Connect external audio sources like SDR radios via the stereo/dual mono inputs or stream audio wirelessly over Bluetooth. The 20W per channel Class D amp delivers power efficiency when driving passive speakers through the speaker outputs. Simple controls give you command over volume, EQ, noise reduction, and input selection. With parametric EQ for precision audio tuning, Bluetooth for wireless streaming, and bhi's DSP for noise reduction, the ParaPro EQ20B-DSP provides the ultimate listening experience for those with hearing impairments. It allows you to select the sound to match your hearing needs for unmatched clarity and intelligibility.

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Elevate Your Listening Experience With bhi

bhi's ParaPro EQ20-DSP Noise Cancelling Products represent a leap forward in audio technology. With a perfect blend of parametric equalisation, powerful DSP noise cancelling, and user-friendly controls, these devices cater to a wide audience, especially those with hearing loss.

Shop the range online now and enjoy a better listening experience.

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