Price: £109.96 (£91.63 net)
he New NEDSP900 is a low power dual channel DSP Noise Suppression pcb module capable of handling a wide range of audio inputs from mic level up to line level, providing up to 40dB of noise

Low current DSP PCB solution for noise problems in radio communications and intercoms

The NEDSP900 is a dual channel audio Noise Suppression pcb module capable of handling a wide range of audio inputs.  It provides up to 40dB of noise suppression. The module operates on a single supply rain with on‐board voltage regulation and clock oscillator. It has low power consumption which makes it suitable for portable applications.

The noise suppression is carried out using a Digital Signal Processing (DSP) device that runs software containing a Noise Suppression algorithm. This is patented technology for noise reduction of speech signals. It is one of the best algorithms of its kind and is ideally suited for real‐time processing in any kind of voice communication system in noisy environments, such as handsfree telephone sets, industrial intercom systems and radio communication systems.

The module comprises a multi‐layer PCB that provides good signal isolation and grounding making integration into target systems easy with the minimum of design effort. A few simple rules need to be observed in order to preserve the achievable levels of noise suppression, these are dealt in the datasheet/user manual. Pins are on a 2mm pitch.

There are several ways in which the device can be controlled. The module has been designed such that it may be used with purely passive control elements such as switches and solder pads or by using logic control via a microprocessor.

• Noise Cancelling Microphones
• Noise Suppression for radio voice communications
• Noise Cancelling in voice recognition to improve accuracy rates
• Intercoms


  • Dual channel configurable Noise Suppression
  • Up to 30 dB maximum gain configurable input amplifiers
  • Low power consumption (typ <5mA)
  • Wide supply voltage range (3 to 20V)
  • In‐and outputs RF protected with LC low pass filter
  • Up to 40dB noise suppression
  • Audio bandwidth 300Hz to 5KHz